Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Korean MERS Cluster Adds 4 More Cases, Total Now 179






Although the number of new MERS cases in Korean continues at lower levels than we were seeing announced a couple of weeks ago, a smattering of new cases continue to crop up.  Thus far, all appear related to hospital exposure, and we’ve seen no evidence of community spread of the virus.


The latest update has 85 people still under treatment (16 considered `unstable’), while 67 have recovered and have been released from the hospital.  The death toll remains unchanged at 27.


Tonight’s CDC update somewhat cryptically lists the following new cases:

  • 176 confirmed cases are hospitalized in the same ward with 6.6 days Konkuk University Hospital confirmed a 76th patient,
  • 177 diagnosis in patients after treatment with 5.27 to 5.29 days, Samsung Seoul Hospital emergency department confirmed the 14th confirmed case is an isolated during hospitalization.
  • 178 diagnosis is hospitalized (5.29 to 6.6 days) of patients in Pyeongtaek family philanthropic hospitals,
  • The 179th is estimated to have been exposed to a confirmed 96th, 97th, 132nd confirmed by the patient as Gangneung Medical Center nurse.
  • For the 178th and 179th confirmed under the current epidemiological investigation in progress.


We should have a better reading of all of this by tomorrow morning when additional  reports are issued.  I’ll update this blog entry if anything of note is revealed.