Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Korean MERS Cluster Rises To 30

# 10,134

The Korean Health & Human Welfare site has posted a notice indicating 5 more MERS cases have been confirmed.  The always cryptic machine translation reads:

MER's additional patient 5 occur

-4 people the patient came into contact with the first patient of medical institutions B patients or family members-
-The rest is one E came into contact with the health care agency's 16th medical institutions to provide the patient with a diagnosis of my infection case-

MOHW Central Mer management headquarters on June 3 (Tue), Mer's test results were confirmed five additional cases that tested positive.

All four of these B patients at medical institutions, such as the first patient 5.15 to May 17, Ward admitted to one patient's symptoms, such as fever or as a family, conducted in Mer's genetic test was confirmed positive in the end.

Other one patient was on E-medical institutions, no.16 diagnosis and 5.22 ~ 28, hospitalized patients in the same Ward, got a fever and other symptoms, a positive genetic test conducted in the final was confirmed. Community Center-joint group i: *, 23, twenty-fourth diagnosis could figure out my medical institutions such as infection cases.

From this somewhat syntax-challenged translation, I gather 4 are directly connected to the index patient, and are considered secondary infections, while one is a tertiary infection apparently acquired along the same route as the two reported yesterday; from patient #16.

Hopefully we'll get a more detailed reports (in English) in the next few hours.