Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Saudi MOH: 10 Additional MERS Cases In Riyadh





The Saudi MOH website is having issues this morning, having posted an update on the English side with the title MOH: '10 New Confirmed Corona Cases Recorded', but that currently only leads to a blank page (now fixed). 


The page banner (below) shows 10 additional cases over yesterday, however, and the Arabic version (see map above) confirms they all hail from Riyadh.



If and when they get their English language page update, I’ll update this post with their line list graphic.




This brings the total number of cases over the past 15 days to 58, with 55 of those from Riyadh.   Earlier today, in WHO MERS Update – Saudi Arabia – August 18th, we looked at details on 12 recent cases, 10 of whom were linked simply to being treated at or admitted to a Riyadh hospital with MERS cases.


The pattern of nosocomial transmission in Riyadh is eerily similar to what we recently saw in South Korea, where direct contact with a known case isn’t necessarily required, only being housed or treated in a facility treating MERS cases.