Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saudi MOH Announces 2 Additional MERS Cases




The number of new MERS cases being reported out of Riyadh has dropped in recent days, which may be an indication that the affected hospitals are starting to get a handle on containing the outbreak.  Today Riyadh only reports 1 new case, while once again we see a sporadic case from Najran.


The Najran case had already expired by the time his was announced by the MOH.


Whether this is a sign that the outbreak in Riyadh is ending – or is just a temporary lull – August 2015 will go down as the third heaviest MERS month for the Saudis, and the most active month since June 2014. .


Credit ECDC 20th MERS Risk Assessment

This spike is notable also because the hot summer months have not previously been associated with heavy MERS activity on the Arabian peninsula. The seasonality of MERS outbreaks – previously believed to favor spring outbreaks – has proven less predictable during 2015.