Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Korean Govt. Statement On Death Of Last MERS Patient


# 10,744


Korea’s last remaining MERS patient – a 35 year old man with malignant lymphoma – who was initially released from the hospital in early October but was re-admitted and placed into isolation 10 days later when his symptoms (and viral shedding) returned, has died.

The outbreak, which began in mid-May, eventually affected 186 people. 


While the last transmission of the virus in Korea reportedly took place in early July,  the outbreak could not be officially declared ended as along as any patients remained positive for the virus.  While a technicality, presumably the 28 day countdown clock for declaring the end to the outbreak will now commence.



Homers 80th confirmed death party

Department of Health and Human Services Homers central management task force confirmed 80th party (male, 35 years) has elapsed treatment of the underlying disease, malignant lymphoma is rapidly deteriorating announced the death hayeoteum (11.25 days 3:00)

* 80 patients lapse: Confirmed patient contact (5.27) → Samsung Medical quarantine admission (6.6) → confirm (6.7) → Seoul National University Hospital supply (7.3) → The final sound judgment (10.1) → discharge (10.3) → Seoul National University Hospital readmissions (10.11)

80th confirmed he received a quarantine treatment in 116 days after the Seoul National University Hospital confirmed 6.7 days (10.3 days discharge), 10.11 days were re-treated with the isolated state is repeated positive and negative genetic test phase after hospitalization,

Medical treatment the patient was explained that "in the course of treating the underlying disease, malignant lymphoma patients with the disease progression, progression was rapidly deteriorating"

Department of Health and Human Services has this refrain about the souls of the deceased was best wishes table condolences.