Thursday, December 31, 2015

France: MOA Reports 64th HPAI Outbreak


After a week without reporting any new outbreaks, today France's Ministry of Agriculture announces a fresh outbreak of HPAI H5N1 (European Lineage) in Dordogne.

- An outbreak of avian influenza highly pathogenic H5N1 was declared December 30, 2015 on a farm of 30 chickens, 150 pigeons and peacocks 4, in the town of Celles in Dordogne.

While the number of reported outbreaks has lessened, after six weeks we still don't have a good understanding of how so many (5) new strains of (HPAI & LPAI) avian influenza could suddenly appear simultaneously in the south of France.

The last DEFRA Update On France's HPAI Outbreak from the UK was released a week ago, and while it offered up some possible explanations, the authors stated they were still hampered by a lack of data. 

Hopefully we'll get another update soon.  Details on all of the HPAI outbreaks to date may viewed at the MOA link below:

What is the current situation in France? (updated 12/31/15 at 12h)
In total, to date, 64 of highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreaks in poultry were detected in 6 southwestern departments of France.

ANSES gave its opinion delivered on 14 December 2015, on the potential danger to humans from the avian influenza strain identified, including the results of the complete sequencing of the H5N1 strain detected in the first home in the Dordogne. She confirmed the absence for this dangerous H5N1 strain of the key markers for human.

Find below the details of homes by department below:

In the Dordogne, 13 homes

In the Landes, 27 homes

In Haute-Vienne, a home

In Gers, 10 homes

In the Pyrénées Atlantiques, 10 homes

In the Hautes-Pyrénées, 3 fireplaces