Friday, December 11, 2015

Indonesian MOH: Pertussis & Pneumonia Behind Papuan Deaths

Papua (red) Indonesia


Three weeks ago, in Indonesia: `Mystery Illness’ Kills 56 Children In Papua we began to follow reports of dozens of child deaths in the remote regions of eastern Indonesia.  Although the numbers varied in the media across media reports (31, 41, 56 deaths), the Indoneisan MOH launched an investigation sending medical teams into the area.

Today, the MOH has published their findings, which indicates that an outbreak of Pertussis - complicated by pneumonia - among already malnourished, poorly housed, and vulnerable children has led to this deadly outbreak.

Results Investigation Team Nduga

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A total of 38 people died in seven villages in nduga regency, Papua during the period October to December 2015. They consisted of 35 adults and 3 babies. The results of the second investigation team which fell on November 30 - December 3, found the cause of death of 35 babies is due to the complications of pertussis disease Penumonia.

The team found that the risk factors kerjadian pertussis increased in nduga regency partly because the air temperature in the area is cooler than in previous years. As a result, residents living in the house honai that do not have ventilation. Meanwhile, to cope with the cold, the people make a fire in it. In general, these conditions trigger respiratory disorders including pertussis disease.

In conducting the investigation team down is a combination of several elements, namely from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Defense, Army, Police, Health Department Proviinsi and DHO, as well as the Task Force Bare Feet. During the investigation, the joint team of health center staff and the Task Force Bare Feet treatment, providing immunization services and supplementary food. From the results of the unknown 90% of the population suffering from respiratory infection.

To control this, the Ministry of Health has conducted rapid response prevention of pertussis in the district and sub-district Mbuwa Bulmiyalma, Kab. Nduga. Besides preparing the flying program in nduga regency health care, encourage supplementary feeding (PMT) for toddlers, pregnant women and breastfeeding PMT, and put health workers through the program Healthy archipelago. Ministry of Health is also coordinating with the relevant sectors to be able mmbangun decent housing, water supply, the independence of farming and animal husbandry, as well as education.

This information is published by Center for Public Communication Secretariat General of the Ministry of Health. For further information please contact Halo MoH via hotline 1500-567; 081281562620 SMS, facsimile: (021) 52921669 and email address

As we’ve discussed often in the past, `Mystery’ diseases usually turn out to be far less mysterious once medical teams arrive and can begin testing.

Child mortality has always been very high in Papua (see media report Unicef: Child Mortality Papua Three Times Higher than Jakarta),exacerbated by its remote location, limited medical facilities, non-Indonesian speaking locals, and austere living conditions.