Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Saudi MOH Reports 2 New MERS Cases, 2 Deaths, 1 Recovery


While today is the second day in a row without a new reported case out of Buraidah, the news from that cluster is not all good, as the death toll out of 19 symptomatic cases (there were also 2 asymptomatic HCWs) increases to 12 today.

That's a mortality rate among hospitalized cases of 63%. Roughly 50% higher than the 3+ year Saudi average (42%).

Meanwhile Al Kharj reports its 2nd case in two days, both listed has having  `Primary contact with camels'.  In February Al-Kharj was the site of several primary MERS cases linked to camel exposure, along with secondary cases. 

A third case is reported in a 45 y.o. male Health Care Worker in Riyadh.  This is the 4th case reported out of Riyadh in the past two weeks and while listed as - currently under investigation - may indicate the start of another nosocomial outbreak.