Friday, March 25, 2016

Saudi MOH Reports 2 New MERS Cases


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The Saudi MOH is reporting two new MERS cases today, two recoveries, and two deaths but the bigger story may be the unconfirmed media reports of another hospital outbreak - this time in Al-Rass (50 miles Southwest of Buraidah).

Officially, today's new cases include another Primary case from Buraidah, and a posthumously reported case from Riyadh Alkhobara that is `under investigation'.

On Wednesday 1 case - an 84,F in stable condition - was reported in Al Rass, whose exposure was listed as `under investigation'.   

Overnight there have been numerous Arabic news reports (already denied by the Ministry) suggesting that the Al Rass hospital's Emergency Room had been closed due to  `contamination by corona patients'. 

We'll simply have to wait to see whether the MOH announces additional cases from that hospital in the coming days.