Sunday, March 06, 2016

Saudi MOH Statement On Buraidah MERS Cluster



Over the past four reporting days we've seen 5 MERS cases (and two deaths) reported by the Saudi MOH from Buraidah (aka Buraydah), the capital of Al-Qassim Region in north central Saudi Arabia.

All cases were listed as either `Primary' or `Under Investigation', and while no link between them had been announced, it seemed likely they were somehow related. 

Today the Saudi MOH has released a statement that indicates they are dealing with a noscomial outbreak at the King Fahad Specialist Hospital in Buraidah.  Actual details on this outbreak, however, are scant.

The statement primarily deals with the hospital's emergency response, including referring patients to other facilities, limiting visiting hours, and enhanced screening for possible cases.

25 May 1437 (March 5th)
The Health Ministry said that during the past 24 hours, three cases of diagnosed AIDS Middle East (SK) respiratory in King Fahad specialist hospital in buraydah, plus two other were they diagnosed in the same hospital over the past three days, as a result, the command and control center initiated the upgrading of preparations for patient safety to the highest level, the rapid response team and epidemiological investigation team take all the procedures adopted in such cases to reduce HIV transmission and ensure the highest infection control requirements in all Sections of the hospital.

These actions included the conversion of the tyrannical cases to other hospitals, and refer patients who are scheduled for treatment to other medical facilities meet the required service, and was rescheduling of his permit to another appointment, limited the visit to the General Hospital. Patients are invited to observe screening procedures developed by the respiratory health facilities in emergency departments, portals and collaboration with the hospital staff to implement all instructions designed to protect them and protect their health.

The Ministry has confirmed its commitment to providing the highest level of prevention to citizens about this disease, and to follow the directions previously reported awareness in promoting prevention.