Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Saudi MOH: Two Addtional MERS Cases in Buraidah


The Saudi MOH is reporting two more nosocomial MERS Cases (1 fatal) in Buraidah, where we've been following an outbreak at the King Fahad Specialist Hospital for about a week.

Todays two cases raise to 13 the number of recent cases in Al-Qassim's capital city, most of which appear to be hospital acquired, but at least three patients are listed as `Primary' cases from the community.

While we've no specifics from the MOH, at least one Arabic language media report suggests the outbreak began when a renal dialysis patient - without respiratory symptoms - was treated at the hospital.

While sporadic community cases of MERS continue to surface - and sometimes produce household clusters - hospitals and clinics have historically been the major amplifiers of MERS cases, often producing scores of infections before being brought under control.