Thursday, January 12, 2017

Macao Reports 2nd (Imported) H7N9 Case


Another indication of how widespread H7N9 has become this winter in parts of  Mainland China, for the second time this season (and second time ever, in the five winter epidemics since 2013), Macao has an imported case

This brings to 6 the number of cases, with recent travel to or residence in Guangdong Province to have shown up in Hong Kong or Macao with active H7N9 over the pastmonth.  

Guangdong Province (pop. 104 million)   has only officially reported 15 cases so far this winter.  Even with the high rate of travel between Guangdong Province and the territories of Macao and Hong Kong, this suggests there may be a good many other cases in the province we haven't heard about yet.

Zhongshan lies north, and immediately adjacent to, Macao.


Health Department confirmed today (January 12) H7N9 avian influenza in one case of human infection with the input, and urged the public to pay attention to prevention.

The patient was 72 years old female patient, Macao residents, have high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic diseases, usually living in Zhongshan Gui Wu Gui Town, South Village; fever, cough and other symptoms appear since January 8, the day of a hospital in Zhongshan Township and hospitalized, discharged himself from hospital on January 9, January 10 in the morning to drive to the family via the Gongbei, then served by a wheelchair after closing ambulance to the hospital emergency room Conde seeking treatment; the patient at the time said they had not contact with poultry ; patients diagnosed with pneumonia hospitalized on the same day; nasopharyngeal aspirate samples from patients after Gonggongweisheng Chemist, today confirmed for H7N9 avian influenza virus positive. There are still patients with fever, the disease in general, has been scheduled in the Conde S. Januario Hospital isolation ward treated in isolation.

Today, under questioning medical staff, patients only expressed reared chickens in Zhongshan home, and often sold to the local market to buy live chickens Song.

The epidemiological investigation, the Health Department has confirmed preliminary contacts 43 and 23 close contacts in general. Close contacts of the patient including three household contacts, four ambulances carrying patients to the hospital firefighters, inpatient beds and 32 medical staff caring for patients during hospitalization adjacent four. According to the latest influenza A H7N9 latest scientific data and 5th of this month, Hong Kong and Guangdong Province, the results of the exchange of the health sector, close contacts need to receive prophylactic antiviral drug oseltamivir (Tamiflu) for 5 days, and from the last contact with the patient from wearing masks and medical observation for 10 days. General contacts for those who went to the hospital to visit patients, hospital patients and other health care workers, who have generally required since the last contact with the patient from wearing masks and medical observation for 10 days. Health Bureau contacts are further investigating the case.

Health Bureau of Guangdong and Hong Kong will be briefing the health authorities, health authorities and the health sector will continue neighboring regions and countries, World Health Organization keep in close contact, surveillance and outbreak Macao around, and through cross-sector and public-private cooperation, avian flu neighborhood or Macau event of preventive and preparatory work. Based on past experience, the Health Bureau of the next period of time H7N9 bird flu activity more active, especially in Australia made the following appeal to the public:

• avoid visiting the recent influenza A H7N9 bird flu downtown area, there are farms where the sale or display of birds;
• Avoid contact with birds and their secretions, excretions; if contact should wash their hands immediately;
• Do not buy, carry without quarantine birds;
• Do not eat undercooked poultry meat, offal, blood products and eggs;
• Note Gerenweisheng, wash hands frequently;
• symptoms such as fever, cough, breathing difficulties, should wear a mask and seek medical advice as soon as possible, and to detailing the history of travel and animal contact history doctor.

For more information on Influenza A H7N9 avian influenza, can be found in the Health Bureau website ( ) or call the hotline 28700800 Health Department infectious disease within Bangongshijian.