Wednesday, October 03, 2018

OIE: Moldova Reports 1st Incidence Of African Swine Fever (Wild Boar)


Given that Moldova is sandwiched between the Ukraine and Romania - both of which have previously reported numerous outbreaks of ASF - it isn't terribly surprising that Moldova has become the latest European nation to report African Swine Fever.
The discovery was somewhat serendipitous, as two boar were killed in a road accident near the village of Tahnauti, and samples from both were sent off for laboratory analysis.
One of the samples tested positive for the ASF virus.  Below you'll find the OIE Notification.

As we saw last week, in UK: DEFRA Update #1 On African Swine Fever in Wild Boar in Belgium, the inexorable spread of ASF in Eastern Europe, and its recent appearance in Belgium, has all of Western Europe on alert.
While ASF doesn't pose a health risk to humans, it is truly a nightmare disease for pig producers - and with no vaccine available - the only way to control it is to cull all of the pigs that may have been exposed.
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