Thursday, January 10, 2019

Saudi MOH Reports MERS Case In Jeddah


While MERS reports out of Saudi Arabia have been fairly subdued the past few months - with only a couple of household clusters of note - we continue to see sporadic community acquired cases pop up with no known risk exposures.

The latest comes from Jeddah, where a 79 y.o. male is hospitalized with the virus.  He reportedly had no contact with camels, and so how he acquired the virus remains a mystery.

While there are questions over how many community acquired cases of MERS go unidentified (see J. Korean Med Sci: Atypical Presentation Of A MERS Case In A Returning Traveler From Kuwait) - the good news is - so far we've seen no signs of any sustained or efficient transmission of the MERS virus outside of some healthcare facilities and and a few households.  


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