Sunday, April 21, 2019

Japan MAFF: 21st CSF Farm Outbreak (Aichi)


The spring uptick in Classical Swine Fever outbreaks continues in Japan with the 10th farm outbreak in the past 30 days (see March 23rd's Japan MAFF: 12th Farm Outbreak Of Classical Swine Fever (CSF)).
Similar in appearance and impact to African Swine Fever (ASF), CSF is caused by a different virus. The virus returned to Japan last September after an absence of 26 years, and has infected both farm animals and wild boar in Gifu and Aichi Prefectures.
Both ASF and CSF are highly contagious among pigs, and can be economically devastating for pork producers, but neither disease poses a direct human health threat.

Today's translated announcement from Japan's MAFF follows.

Confirmation of suspected affected animals of swine fever in Aichi Prefecture, about (21 case was in Japan)
2019 April 21,
the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Today, suspected affected animals of swine fever has been confirmed in a pig farm in Aichi Prefecture, Tahara.
We are taken all possible measures for the quarantine measures for the disease.
The farm has to refrain from the movement of breeding pigs from the time the suspicion of swine fever has occurred.
Interview in the field, thank you for your cooperation as strictly refrain from such that there is a risk that cause the spread of the disease.
1. Overview of the occurrence farm

Location: Aichi Prefecture Tahara
breeding situation: 1,030 head

2. Background

(1) Aichi Prefecture, April 20 (Saturday), from the farm, received a report of a breeding pig has exhibited abnormal, we conducted a site inspection by animal health inspectors.
(2) the same day, because the suspicion of swine fever is caused by the inspection at the Livestock Hygiene Service Center, was subjected to a thorough examination, today (April 21 (Sunday)), turned out to be a suspected affected animals of swine fever want did.
(3) Further, Tahara city, feeding administrator same relevant farms (herd size: 540 animals) and adjacent to the relevant farm associated farm composting building and equipment and the like are used jointly (herd size: pigs that had been fed the 2 farm of 311 cows) is also a suspected affected animals of swine fever, it will take quarantine measures (suspected affected animals total: 1,881 animals).

3. of future correspondence

On the basis of the "specific livestock epidemic quarantine guidelines for classical swine fever", and taken all possible measures for the following quarantine measures, and the like.

(1) The farm breeding pigs slaughtered and baked burial, and carried quickly and accurately quarantine measures necessary for setting of the movement restriction zone.
(2) for the farm of movement restricted area, it will be carried out as soon as possible occurrence status check inspection.
(3) Since the spread of infection prevention, strengthening the disinfection of peripheral generation farm, we set up a disinfection point to the main road.
(4) for the investigation of such infection route, and dispatch the epidemiological investigation team of the country.
(5) aims to ensure the early detection and early notification of the disease.
(6) strive to relevant ministries and sufficient cooperation, producer, consumer, we will endeavor to provide accurate information to the distributors and the like.
(7) thorough guidance on compliance with the Standards of Rearing Hygiene Management of intrusion prevention, etc. to the farm disinfection and wild animals of the farm.
(8) In order to investigate and prevent the spread of such infection route, it will assume all the possibilities investigation.
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