Wednesday, September 18, 2019

South Korea: MAFRA Confirms 2nd Outbreak Of African Swine Fever


Yesterday South Korea confirmed their first outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) on a farm in Paju, very near the North Korean border.  A second farm in a neighboring county (Yeoncheon) was also under investigation.
Today South Korea's Ministry of Agriculture (MAFRA) has announced positive test results on the 2nd farm in Yeoncheon, and has ordered the culling of 4,700 pigs.
While the following announcement reassures that the losses from these two outbreaks would have little impact on the supply of pork in South Korea, the future is far from assured. 

While the situation in North Korea is unknown, Vietnam - which detected their first outbreak 6 months ago - has lost roughly 5 million pigs. And although China admits to losses of only 1.2 million head, outside experts put that number well over 100 million (see CNN Report).
Rapid containment of ASF in Asia has yet to be achieved, and losses continue to mount.
Working in South Korea's favor is a long history of containing avian flu and FMD outbreaks and months of preparation for this fully expected arrival.  Whether, and for how long, they can stave off the dreaded porcine disease is the $64 question.

ASF is highly contagious among pigs, and can be economically devastating for pork producers, but poses no direct health threat to humans.

African swine fever control area designated focus, concentration Defense

09.18.2019 09:34:20 Defense Policy Bureau

□ Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Food ( hereinafter " agri-food unit ") is 9 Mon 17 days, Gyeonggi-do Yeoncheon County Material pig farms ( breeding size : 4,700 Two , consistent breeding ) doubts axis with respect to the reported cases of the results of inspections in the Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock Quarantine Office , 9 Mon. 18 am 7 floodlights African swine fever ( hereinafter "ASF") today announced that confirmed .
* Domestic ASF diagnosis : a total of 2 cases ( today 1, æ—£occurs first)
1) 9.16 days Report - Gyeonggi Paju material pig farms (9.17 days confirmed )

2) 9.17 days Report - Gyeonggi-do Yeoncheon County pig farm material (9.18 days confirmed )
□ agri-food section at the scene immediately after the receipt of the farm suspected Axis reported by emergency first responders In the bangyeoktim people , movement control for livestock and vehicles , has taken urgent preventative measures such as disinfection ,
○ geumbeon ASF immediately performed live as confirmed by the disposal measures and , generating a epidemiological investigation is underway to determine the cause .
□ occurrence area of Paju , including Yeoncheon Fortune , Dongducheon , Gimpo , including Cheorwon 6 to cities and counties ASF designated as critical control areas, and , out of the area is planned to concentrate the defenses to prevent the spread .
○ 6 disinfected vehicles between cities and counties jointly control switch placed only a total mobilized to focus and disinfection , it focused management area quicklime supply up to than in other regions 4 extend to the fold spray concentrated around the barn .

○ pig export ban period for the critical control local pig farmers 3 extending in the week ( initially 1 week ) and , for slaughter only in designated slaughterhouses . Shipment ( other regions export ban ) and ever .

○ 3 weeks game . Gangwon Province barn, the pregnancy diagnosis person , veterinarians , consultants , and other access restrictions treatment of diseases such as feed manufacturers officials .

○ emphasis on local management by installing a guard post in the entrance of the pig farms pigs in contact with many people out to seek a more enhancing measures such as managing access .

□ On the other hand , the current supply of pork is bred maritsu is normal compared to 13% a lot , it is enough to secure a meat processing company stocks such prices have been maintained at a low level .

* Breeding maritsu : ( normal ) 10,831 ('19 .8) 12248

* Stocks : ( normal ) 90 one thousand tons ('17 .6) 85.5 one thousand tons → ('19 .6) 185.2 (KREI estimate )

* Wholesale prices : (8 Mon normal ) 4955 won / carcass kg, ('18 .8), 4838 → ('19 .8) 4,179 → (9.16) 4 403 → (9.17) 5828
○ Therefore , the current Paju . Live at the disposal of Yeoncheon is the supply and demand impact is expected to be minimal .

○ However , 9 Mon. 17 days Pork wholesale price (5 828 won / kg) the day before (4403 won / kg) in comparison 32.4% The increased short-term volumes of the stop command to move to secure the pre-emptive in volume moderate bound Fearing a shortage as it is shown in shown prices temporarily .
○ The government of pork supply and demand next ‧ while closely watching price movements circumstances cooperatives , work closely as producer groups supply instability does not occur plans to closely correspond so .
□ agri-food section ASF livestock such as cattle suffering from infectious diseases disposal amount to buy . And burial process , as more than two livestock are not domestic distribution which citizens are asked to safely consume pork
○ for livestock farmers and livestock officials about the plantation and associated facilities implement strict preventative measures such as disinfection and , through careful clinical observation was advised to give it to quickly report if there is doubt axis .
※ livestock epidemics integrated reporting number : ( Without area code ) 1588-9060 / 4060