Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Japan MOH: 2 New Coronavirus Cases - One Without Travel To China.

Credit CDC


Japan's MOH has reported their 5th and 6th confirmed coronavirus case today, with the 5th being a resident of Japan with no recent travel history to China.  He does, however, report recent contact with aboard a tour bus with tourists from China.

While not unexpected, locally acquired novel coronavirus cases have thus far been rare, with only one suspected instance reported in Vietnam.  
Japanese and English language media are also reporting on this story (see here, and here).

Outbreak of patients with pneumonia associated with novel coronavirus
Around 16 o'clock today (January 28), the National Institute of Infectious Diseases reported a case of infectious disease associated with this new type of coronavirus.
This patient is a traveler living in Nara prefecture and had no history of staying in Wuhan when he visited a medical institution on January 25, but contact with tour visitors from Wuhan was Was reported as simulated disease surveillance.
This is the sixth case in Japan where the occurrence of a patient with an infectious disease related to the new coronavirus has been confirmed.
Proactive epidemiological investigations, including the identification of close contacts, are being carried out on this matter.
A press conference on this matter will be held from 19:00.
(1) Age: 60s
(2) Gender: Male
(3) Residence: Nara
(4) Symptoms, course:

  • January 14 Chills, cough, joint pain.
  • He visited a medical institution in Nara Prefecture on January 17 and followed up without any abnormalities in various tests. Call a health center.
  • January 22 Joint pain and exacerbation of cough symptoms.
  • He was consulted again on January 25 and consulted a health center from a medical institution. Chest radiographs revealed findings in both lower lung fields, so he was adjusted and admitted to a medical institution in Nara Prefecture.
  • Samples sent on January 26.
(5) Action history:
  • On January 8-11, a tour passenger from Wuhan was put on a bus as a driver.
  • On January 12-16, another tourist from Wuhan took a bus as a driver.

The 6th case, also reported today, is a Male in his 40s who arrived from Wuhan on January 20th.