Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Taiwan CDC Update On Novel Coronavirus Cases & Preparedness


With new reports coming in literally by the hour, it is impossible to dedicate a blog post for each case count or location update.  The most current consolidated case count  I've found comes from Taiwan's CDC, which lists  440 cases in mainland China, of which 9 have died, and another 9 cases confirmed outside of China.
These number represent lab-confirmed cases that were sick enough, or lucky enough, to be hospitalized and tested. 
Given the (still unknown, but estimated) incubation period of 7 to 14 days, with often as long as a week of illness before seeking medical help and being tested, there is likely at least a 2 week lag time between when many of these cases became infected, and when they were reported.

And while the number of mild, or even subclinical infections with nCoV2019 is unknown at this time, our experience with MERS-CoV suggests they could represent a substantial number of cases flying under the radar..

The point being that these numbers are useful in determining the geographic spread of the virus, and the trajectory in the number of new cases being reported, but they don't really tell us much about how many people have really been infected. 

In response to the outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan, Mainland China, the command center continued to coordinate the resources and manpower of all ministries and departments to fully guard the domestic epidemic prevention security

Release Date: 2020-01-22
In response to the first domestic case of severe special infectious pneumonia returning from Wuhan, Mainland China, the Central Epidemic Epidemic Command Center continued to coordinate the manpower of various ministries, strengthen port quarantine measures and public risk communication and health education to reduce public panic; Pre-planning and rehearsing for infection control in medical institutions to reduce the impact of the epidemic on the country, fully protect the domestic epidemic prevention security and ensure the health of the people.
The command center said that the number of masks is sufficient, and people do not need to panic and snap up. From today, the Department of Disease Control will distribute surgical masks to Chaoshang's designated logistics center, which will then be sold by Chaoshang. One million each will be released from January 22 and January 23, and another one million will be released every week from January 30 to March 20, subject to flexible adjustments based on actual conditions.
The command center stated that according to the information reported by the Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on this (22) day, 440 cases have been confirmed in mainland China, of which 9 have died, including 258 in Wuhan, 12 in Huanggang, 17 in Guangdong, and 6 in Shanghai.
There were 10 cases in Beijing, 5 cases in Zhejiang Province, 5 cases in Chongqing City, 2 cases each in Tianjin, Sichuan Province, and Jiangxi Province, and 1 case each in Henan Province, Yunnan Province, Shandong Province, and Hunan Province. The remaining cases have not been announced in the provinces.
There are currently 9 cases in other countries and regions, including 4 in Thailand, 1 in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, the United States, and Macau, all of which have Wuhan tourism history. 
In response to the outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan in mainland China, the command center continued to strengthen the surveillance of outbreaks and border control measures, and comprehensively inquired Wuhan's travel history and conducted health assessments for incoming fever travelers from international and small three-way ports. Since December 31, 2019, boarding and quarantine of direct flights from Wuhan has been launched. 37 flights have been carried out and 4,469 passengers and crew members have been quarantined. There are no new evacuation cases. 
There are 9 cases of severe special infectious pneumonia in China listed as pre-notifications of statutory infectious diseases, all of which have been ruled out; 21 suspected cases have been reported as of statutory infectious diseases as of yesterday (21), 8 have been ruled out, and 12 are in isolation. 1 The confirmed diagnosis was the first overseas transfer case announced yesterday. It is currently being treated in the negative pressure isolation ward of the hospital. Except for one contact person who had a slight cough without fever, the rest were normal.
The command center once again urged that the tourist outbreak recommendation in Wuhan, Mainland China has been raised to a third level warning, reminding the public to avoid going to the area unless necessary. If you need to go, you should implement personal hygiene measures such as washing your hands frequently with soap, wearing a mask for coughing, avoiding contact with wildlife and patients with acute respiratory infections, and avoid entering and exiting traditional markets and medical institutions. When returning to China from Wuhan and its adjacent areas, if you have fever, cough, or shortness of breath, whether you take antipyretics or cough medicine, please report to the quarantine staff at the airport or at the port to receive a health assessment. Within 14 days of returning to China If you have fever or respiratory symptoms, please call the toll-free epidemic prevention line 1922 or (0800-001922) and follow the instructions to wear a mask as soon as possible to seek medical treatment. When you seek medical treatment, please inform the doctor of your travel history, occupation, contact history, and whether you are in a group ( TOCC), timely diagnosis notification. For more information on "Severe Special Infectious Pneumonia", please refer to the website of the Department of Health (