Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Thailand MOH Reports 4th Confirmed Coronavirus Case - Macao Reports 1st Case


One of the realities of blogging during an ongoing event is you have to sleep sometime, and while I caught about six hours of badly needed rack time, the case counts in China have continued to mount, Thailand has announced two more imported cases, and Macao has announced their first case.
Thankfully, I got a brief late night skype update from Sharon Sanders at FluTrackers, where their global network of volunteer newshounds are able to cover extended events like this even on a 24/7 basis. 
First this (translated) statement from Thailand's Ministry of Health

Ministry of Public Health raises surveillance levels for new species of coronary viruses during the Chinese New Year festival.
22 January 2020
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health teleconferencing for all medical facilities Comply with the highest standards Raise surveillance levels Prevention and control of new strains of coronary virus during the Chinese New Year, coordinating the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ministry of Tourism Notify tour companies for surveillance Take care of tourists who come to Thailand
Today (22 January 2020) at the Ministry of Public Health, Nonthaburi Province, Mr. Anutin Charnwirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health Together with Dr. Sukhum Kanjanaphimai, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health, have a remote conference on the case of "New species of coronary pneumonia 2019" with provincial public health doctors and hospital directors nationwide
Mr Anutin gave an interview that During the Lunar New Year, all hospitals will upgrade surveillance measures. Prevent disease control According to the highest standards used for emerging infectious diseases Ready to upgrade the emergency operation center to respond to the situation to level 3, as well as add quick and efficient screening systems in all 5 airports, monitor patients at both public and private hospitals, have a system for screening diseases and patients quickly Organize a team of doctors, nurses and personnel who are trained in diagnosing diseases. Laboratory results are known in 24 hours. Provide treatment guidelines according to international standards. Ready to coordinate the Ministry of Foreign Affairs And the Ministry of Tourism and Sports Notify tour companies, watch out for tourists Both traveling in Thailand and Thai people traveling abroad
For Thailand situation From 3 - 21 January 2020, screening 123 flights from Wuhan City. A total of 19,480 passengers and crew, with 2 Chinese tourists confirmed. The doctor provided treatment and returned the country. This week, another 2 patients were found. The first was a Thai woman with a history of traveling to Wuhan. Get treatment at Nakhon Pathom Hospital At this time, symptoms have improved. The second person is a Chinese tourist who is a man. Was screened for high fever at Suvarnabhumi Airport on January 19, currently undergoing treatment at the Bamrasnaradura Institute. Results of the detection of a new strain of the corona virus
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Next, we have this brief announcement from Macao's government website. (Note : one of the idiosyncrasies of translating Chinese to English is that the symbol for Macao translates to `Australia'.)

The SAR Government Is Fully Prepared to Deal with New Coronavirus
Source: Information Service (GCS)
Release Date: January 22, 2020 14:53
In response to the outbreak of the first new coronavirus infection in Macau, the government has launched and deployed the anti-epidemic work in an all-round way, and taken necessary measures including conducting heat exploration and filling in entry declaration forms at ports to fully cope with and prevent the epidemic.
A female passenger from Wuhan came to Australia via Gongbei Port on the 19th. She went to Renjue General Hospital for medical treatment on the 21st and was diagnosed as a new coronavirus infection. The patient is currently in stable condition and receiving isolated treatment. In this regard, the "New Coronavirus Infection Response Coordination Center" held its first meeting to fully launch and deploy the anti-epidemic work to deal with and prevent the epidemic.