Sunday, February 23, 2020

Japan MOH: 12 More Domestic COVID-19 Cases


Japans domestic COVID-19 case reports (excluding Diamond Princess cases) also continue to climb, with 12 new cases over the past 24 hours.  Hokkaido, in particularly, is reporting increased community transmission.

Outbreaks of patients related to the new coronavirus (114th to 125th cases)

Today (February 23), Sapporo City, Nagoya City, Chiba Prefecture and Hokkaido reported the following 12 cases of the new coronavirus-related infectious diseases as follows.

With this announcement, the number of domestically infected people is 144 (125 patients, 16 asymptomatic pathogen carriers, 3 confirmed positive).

We will carry out proactive epidemiological investigations on this matter, including the identification of close contacts.

  • Sapporo City: 1 patient (114 cases: 70s male)
  • Nagoya City: 2 patients (115 cases: 70s female, 116 cases: 70s male)
  • Chiba: 1 patient (117 cases) Eyes: Men in their 40s)
  • Hokkaido: 8 patients (118th: Men in their 30s, 119th: Women in their 60s, 120th: Men in their 20s, 121st: Men in their 70s, 122th: 30s (Women, 123: Men in their 80s, 124: Women in their 40s, 125: Women in their 20s)Below, information from Sapporo City, Nagoya City, Chiba Prefecture, and Hokkaido.

* If the contents of the documents published by local governments do not conform to the Ministry's publication standards, they will be published in accordance with the Ministry's publication standards. .

Sapporo City
Nagoya City○ Chiba Prefecture
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