Friday, February 28, 2020

Japan MOH Announces 17 New COVID-19 Cases - 2 Deaths


Although the number of COVID-19 cases in Japan is a fraction of what has been reported in South Korea, the numbers continue to rise steadily each day. Yesterday, the government ordered the closing of all schools for the month of March, and today Hokkaido declared a state of emergency over coronavirus.
Today, in addition to 17 new confirmed cases (plus two asymptomatic cases),  the MOH announced the 5th and 6th fatal outcomes among the passengers of the Diamond Princess. 
To date, Japan has identified 230 positive cases (excluding those from the Diamond Princess), 208 of which are symptomatic, and 22 asymptomatic.

Outbreaks of patients related to the new coronavirus (192-208 cases)
From today (February 28), 17 patients and two asymptomatic pathogen carriers from this new type of coronavirus-related infectious disease from Sagamihara, Shizuoka, Hokkaido, Sapporo, Nagoya, and Osaka prefectures We have reported as follows.
With this announcement, 230 people (208 patients and 22 asymptomatic pathogen carriers) have been infected in Japan, including one quarantine officer (asymptomatic pathogen carrier) announced today. 
Regarding this matter, we will carry out proactive epidemiological investigations, including the identification of close contacts.


  • Sagamihara city: 2 patients (192 cases: female in 40s, 193 cases: male in 20s)
  • Shizuoka city: 1 patient (194 cases: male in 60s)
  • Hokkaido: 9 patients (195 cases : Women in their 80s, 196th: Men under the age of 10, 197th: Men in their 80s, 198th: Women in their 60s, 199th: Men in their 60s, 200th: Men in their 60s, 201st: Female in their 60s, 202: Male in their 40s, Male in their 203s: Male in their 70s)
  • Sapporo: 3 patients (Female in their 60s, Female in their 60s, 205: Male in their 60s, 206: Male in their 60s) )
  • Ishikawa Prefecture: 1 symptom-free pathogen carrier (male in 50s)
  • Nagoya City: 1 patient (207th: male in 60s)
  • Osaka: 1 patient (208: female in their 40s), one symptomless pathogen carrier (female under 10) or less, information from Sagamihara, Shizuoka, Hokkaido, Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka
* If the contents of the documents released by the local government do not conform to the ministry's standard, they will be published in accordance with the ministry's standard.
Sagamihara CityShizuoka CityHokkaidoSapporo CityNagoya CityOsaka Prefecture

The MOH also reported the deaths of two more COVID-19 cases who were passengers on the Diamond Princess.
Patient (5th death)
1 Outline
(1) Age: 70s
(2) Gender: Female
(3) Place of residence: Tokyo
(4) Basic illness: Hypertension, Diabetes
2 Cause of death Pneumonia
3 Progress

  • February 3 Yokohama Quarantine started at port quarantine anchorage.
  • February 5 Cruise ship returns to Yokohama. Conducted a PCR test as a patient.
  • February 6 A new coronavirus was found positive.
  • February 7 She was transported to a medical institution and was hospitalized under the Infectious Diseases Law.
  • February 12 Diagnosis of pneumonia by imaging examination.
  • February 19 Respiratory condition worsened, and artificial respiration was started.
  • February 28 Death confirmed.

Patient (6th death)
1 Outline of patient(1)
Gender: Male(2)
Nationality: UK