Wednesday, February 26, 2020

South Korea CDC: 284 Additional COVID-19 Cases Over Last 24 Hours


Hopes that South Korea's COVID-19 epidemic might be slowing were dashed overnight as South Korea announced their biggest 24-hour jump in cases (n=284), bringing the nation's total to 1,261 known infections.  An increase of over 1,200 cases over the past 7 days.
Fatalities also increased to 12, up 2 from yesterday.
While the numbers we get from China, and Iran, may be highly suspect, I have a pretty high degree of faith that South Korea is reporting what they are finding.   How much is flying beneath their surveillance radar is another matter, however.

The 1600hrs Feb 26th update from KCDC follows.

Some of the epidemiological notes from South Korea's 0900hrs report - when the case count sat at 1,146 - include:

○ In Busan, 50 people were confirmed * by 9 am today, and among them, the number of hot spring churches in Dongnae-gu was the largest, with 23 people.

* 55 persons will be distributed to the aggregate data as of 10:00 pm

-One additional person (born 56, female, caregiver) was identified at a medical institution (Asia de Nursing Hospital) in Yeonje-gu, Busan. The hospital is currently in a cohort quarantine, but 24 patients with high severity will be transferred to Busan Medical Center.

○ The Daegu area has secured a list of Shincheon Daegu Church members to check for symptom by wire contact, guide the self-isolation, and promptly inspect any symptoms.

-In addition, 503 pneumonia patients over the age of 19 were admitted to the area, and a total of 6 patients (one more than the previous day) were identified by 2.25 days.
○ In Gyeongbuk, Milal Love House in Chilgok-gun (confirmed 22 out of 69 residents), Yecheon Paradise Village (confirmed 2 workers out of 88 residents and workers), and Daram Elderly Nursing Home (11 employees and 11 residents) It is occurring mainly in various facilities, such as the confirmation of one middle worker, and the monitoring is being strengthened mainly in such welfare and living facilities.
-At Qingdao Daenam Hospital, an additional employee, who had been in containment since February 20, was confirmed, and a total of 114 people * were confirmed as cases related to Qingdao South Hospital.
* 103 patients out of 114, 10 employees, 1 family contact (80 of them are hospitalized, 26 are transferred to another hospital, 7 are killed, 1 is residing in another region)

The seventh (62-year-old, male) death related to Qingdao Daenam Hospital occurred. The patient was admitted to a South Korean hospital for a long time and was confirmed to have died of aggravated pneumonia, and the relationship with corona 19 is being investigated.

-In connection with the Israel pilgrimage crew, one crew member (born in 1995, female) who was on the same aircraft * as the pilgrimage corps was confirmed, and 31 people have been confirmed to be related to the pilgrimage corps. Investigations are also being made on the places and contacts the patients have visited, as well as those on board the aircraft.

* February 15 21:55 Departure from Israel, February 16 15:10 Arrival at Incheon (Korean Air Flight KE958)

□ In addition, 144 of the 147 people who returned to China on the 3rd temporary flight from Wuhan City (148 if including one of them) were negative, and three were undergoing a retest.

○ Subjects who were confirmed as negative as a result of the inspection will be released from 24 hours on February 26 and will be able to leave on February 27.

□ According to the characteristics of occurrence to date, large-scale epidemics occur around religious events or some group facilities, and other small-scale propagation occurs between family members (family members) or acquaintances. Occurred in.

○ Through this, Korean corona 19 is spread from the early stages of mild symptoms. ② In case of close contact within a closed space, the spread of the disease increases. ③ Most cases are mild but severe in the case of underlying disease.

※ MERS ① Mass propagation caused by a few infected people ② Most propagation in a special space called a medical institution ③ A relatively high proportion of patients

○ Considering these characteristics, ① If fever or respiratory symptoms occur, refrain from going to school or going to work, staying at home, and taking a rest. ② Refrain from religious events where close contact occurs within closed spaces. It is important for local governments to reinforce infection control activities of group facilities and medical institutions promptly, and it is important to refrain from visiting places where many people, elderly women, and pregnant patients, aged 65 or older gather.

At present, the outbreak of 'special infectious disease control area' occurs when the infected person is exposed to symptoms after the incubation period, and they are confirmed sequentially after being examined.

○ Therefore, in the region, it is very important to fully implement self-isolation in accordance with strengthened quarantine measures from last week to prevent further spread.

-In addition, citizens in the area strictly follow personal hygiene rules such as washing their hands and coughing etiquette, and use tableware and towels for each individual. It was also recommended to thoroughly sanitize the environment.
○ In other regions, local governments are making every effort to identify linkages with Shincheon Daegu Churches, identify occurrences mainly at local religious events and group facilities, and actively conduct epidemiological investigations and quarantine measures.

All members of the organization, including the Shinchon Daegu Church, have separately requested that the following be followed.