Tuesday, April 28, 2020

UK Health Secretary On Pediatric Deaths Linked To COVID-19

Matt Hancock LBC Interview


The UK's Health Secretary Matt Hancock appeared on a LBC Radio show this morning, fielding a number of (mostly critical) questions from the public on the UK's COVID-19 response.  Just over 19 minutes into the program, he addresses the recent reports (see HERE and HERE) on a potentially COVID-linked severe complication in children. 
After first stating that the only children that have died from COVID-19 in the UK had serious underlying health problems, Hancock corrected himself and stated that there have been deaths among children from this syndrome who didn't have underlying health conditions. 
He described it as a `. . . new disease we think may be caused by coronavirus . . . ", but warned they weren't 100% sure as some of the patients didn't test positive for the virus.   Although he described the number of cases as `small', he did not offer any numbers.

Coronavirus LIVE: Health Secretary answers questions from the public
28 April 2020, 06:14 | Updated: 28 April 2020, 08:58

 Meanwhile Reuters is reporting that British and Italian researchers are investigating similar reports from Italy, particularly among children under the age of 9.