Monday, July 17, 2023

Poland Vet. Chief: Update On H5N1 In Cats (7/17/23)


On the heels of yesterday's WHO DON Update on H5N1 in Cats in Poland we get the following update from Poland's CVO (Chief veterinary Officer) that updates the number of cats affected, indicates that the rate of new cases has decreased, but does not provide any additional insight as to source or mode of transmission. 


Communication of the VII CVO on cat disease

Announcements 2023-07-17

With reference to the announcement of July 7 this year, The Chief Veterinary Officer informs that as of July 17, 2023 (14:30) in Poland, samples from:

  • 56 cats and 1 caracal to NRI - NRI in Puławy (29 cats and 1 positive caracal)
  • 1 cat to the Jagiellonian University in Kraków (positive)
  • 1 cat to AM Warsaw (positive)
  • 2 cats examined by scientists of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) (positive)
  • In total, out of 61 animals examined in Poland , 34 gave a positive result.

With regard to 31 animals , the Veterinary Inspection, with the consent of the animal owners, conducted epizootic investigations (as of July 17, 2023, 2:30 p.m.). In three cases, the reporting persons did not agree to share their personal data with the veterinary inspection. Analyzes of the collected data are in progress. At the same time, PIWET in Puławy conducted a sequencing study of genetic material in relation to 19 samples. Another 5 are under study.

The above analyzes indicate that the H5N1 virus of Genotype CH occurred in cats. Previously, the CH genotype virus was detected in a white stork in early June in the Tarnów district (outbreak No. 119/2023).

In the last week, the number of reported cases has significantly decreased in relation to the initial state, significantly fewer samples are also submitted for testing to NRI-NRI in Puławy.