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Referral: Mackay On MERS Trends & Farewell To Memish


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Dr. Ian Mackay has been busy the past 12 hours, updating a number of his MERS outbreak charts, and penning a farewell to Dr. Ziad Memish, who yesterday found himself abruptly removed from his position of Deputy Minister of Health for Saudi Arabia (see An Unexpected Announcement From The Saudi MOH).


I’ve been as frustrated as anyone by the slow progress of MERS research (and parsimonious release of case information) from Saudi Arabia, and Dr. Memish has taken his share of grief over both issues.


But it isn’t clear how much control Dr. Memish actually had over these aspects of the investigation.  What is clear, is - as a well spoken, erudite, and western educated physician - with probably more experience in `mass gathering medicine’ than anyone else on the planet, Dr. Memish will be hard to replace. 


Two blog posts then, by Ian.   The first looks at Dr. Memish’s dismissal and the recent decline in MERS cases, while the second looks at the evolving demographics of MERS cases over the past couple of years.


MERS-CoV by week...good luck Professor Memish

We are now in the 116th week since MERS-CoV caused known illness in a  human; a week that has seen the loss of Professor Ziad Memish from the frontlines of the war on MERS.

Thankfully it was not a physically fatal loss, but rather a "standing down". Not only is Prof. Memish the father of Mass Gathering Medicine, but he has been the public and global face for the mischief caused by MERS since the beginning.

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MERS-CoV detection and age...

Just a few different ways of looking at age of living and deceased MERS-CoV people, globally, since 2012.

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