Saturday, October 25, 2014

CDC: Ebola May Be Spread By Droplets, But Is Not Airborne




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Over the past few months Dr. Ian Mackay and others (including this humble blogger) have taken pains to explain that Ebola is not an `airborne virus’, but that it can be spread over short distances via large droplets that might be coughed, sneezed, or otherwise propelled from an infectious patient.   


Some of Ian’s efforts include:

It's what falls out of the aerosol that matters....

The wind beneath my Ebola virus....


What I’ve often referred to as being within `spittle range’  (see Ebola Risk Communications & Ebola: Parsing The CDC’s Low Risk vs High Risk Exposures).  



The CDC’s initial meme (see above) – that `You can’t get Ebola through Air’ – while technically true –  I felt was lacking in that it never quite spelled out the potential risks of droplet transmission. 


Which is why I’m very pleased to see the following, far more informative graphic appear on the CDC’s Ebola website yesterday.



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