Friday, October 31, 2014

The Return Of The CDC’s `How Ebola Spreads’ Infographic


Droplet Spread – Credit CDC


# 9273


Earlier today I mentioned that an infographic showing that Ebola can potentially spread over short distances via droplets had been temporarily pulled by the CDC, just 5 days after first releasing it (see Guidance Gone, But Not Forgotten).   Since this removal was causing such a stir online and in the media, I expressed hopes it would be reinstated soon.


Well, I am very pleased to say that a slightly modified (and not in a bad way) version of the original poster has now been uploaded to the CDC’s website (PDF LINK).


The central messages remain the same.  Ebola isn’t an airborne virus – but it can potentially be spread over short distance via droplets propelled by coughs or sneezes.   Exactly why it was deemed necessary to pull the old version escapes me, but I am happy to see the information back online.

Kudos to the CDC for getting this done.




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