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WHO Ebola Roadmap Situation Report – Nov 12th


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The latest World Health Organization Ebola Situation report has been posted in a new HTML (web-based) format along with the standard PDF file.

Although there remains a fair degree of uncertainty regarding surveillance and reporting from the region, this latest report contains a lot of information in the form of charts, graphs, and maps. 


I’ve only posted a few small excerpts, follow the link to read it in its entirety:


Ebola response roadmap - Situation report

12 November 2014



A total of 14 098 confirmed, probable, and suspected cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) have been reported in six affected countries (Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Sierra Leone, Spain and the United States of America) and two previously affected countries (Nigeria and Senegal) up to the end of 9 November. There have been 5160 reported deaths.

There is some evidence that case incidence is no longer increasing nationally in Guinea and Liberia, but steep increases persist in Sierra Leone.  A mixed picture emerges at the district level. Transmission is consistently high in Conakry and Macenta in Guinea; Montserrado in Liberia; and in the western and northern areas of Sierra Leone. Declines in incidence continue in Lofa in Liberia; and Kenema and Kailahun in Sierra Leone. Cases and deaths continue to be under-reported in this outbreak.

In Mali, there have been 4 reported confirmed and probable cases, and 4 deaths. The most recent cases are not related to the first EVD-positive patient in Mali, who died on 24 October.

Interventions to contain the disease in the three most affected countries include isolating and treating patients, identifying their contacts and conducting burials in a safe and dignified manner. In the three most affected countries, 19 of 53 planned Ebola Treatment Centres are now open. A total of 140 trained burial teams are on the ground, and more than 4400 burials have reportedly been conducted in a safe and dignified manner since the outbreak began. Samples from all 53 Ebola-affected districts can be sent to a laboratory within 24 hours by road.

Situation reports are now presented in a web-based format to provide detailed information at the country level, including data and maps, in a more interactive way.


Health-care workers

A total of 564 health-care workers (HCWs) are known to have been infected with EVD up to the end of 10 November, 320 of whom have died (table 6). This includes a HCW infected in Spain while treating an EVD-positive patient, 3 HCWs in the US (including a HCW infected in Guinea, and 2 HCWs infected during the care of a patient in Texas). In the week to 9 November, 3 HCWs were infected in the Kerouane district in Guinea.


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Note: This web-based version will probably be overwritten by subsequent updates, so you’ll want to use this link to Download the PDF

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