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Guangdong, China Reports 1 (Fatal) H7N9 Case


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For the second time in less than 9 days we are alerted to an H7N9 infection in China’s Guangdong province (see Nov 28’s H7N9 Case In Guangdong Province), this time involving a 66 year old male who died on December 3rd, and diagnosis was only made post mortem via routine testing for the virus among severe respiratory cases.


This brings to 111 the number of cases reported by Guangdong province since the virus first emerged in the spring of 2013, second only to Zhejiang province (139 cases).

Just 3 days ago, we saw a report from local officials that a Zhuhai Live Market Surveillance Finds H7N9 In 40% Of Recent Samples, roughly doubling the rate in recent months.   That, officials warned, could increase the number of human infections during flu season.

This from the Guangdong Ministry of Health and Family Planning. 




Confirmed cases of H7N9 avian influenza in our province reported one case of human infection

2014-12-07 10:28:01   Ministry of Health and Family Planning :

Health and Family Planning Commission of Guangdong Province December 7 briefing, H7N9 bird flu case in Guangdong Province reported one case of human infection.

Lin patient, male, 66 years old, currently living Meijiang District, have a history of severe nephrotic syndrome, December 3 deaths. Meizhou City CDC and the provincial CDC December 6 H7N9 bird flu virus detected in routine influenza surveillance positive samples. Accordance with the relevant diagnostic criteria for the diagnosis of human infection in patients with increased supplemental H7N9 avian influenza.

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