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Saudi King Appoints New MOH Amid Sweeping Changes To Ministries


Saudi Arabia

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It was only last April that the long-standing  Minister of Health  Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabiah  was abruptly replaced by Dr. Adel bin Mohammed Faqih (see Saudi Minister Of Health Replaced), presumably over his inability to get control over their growing MERS problem.


Today we’ve word of a massive reshuffling of Cabinet Ministers in Saudi Arabia that includes replacements for the Ministers of Health and Ministers of Agriculture . . . among others.


I’ll try to get some information of the new Minister of Health Dr. Muhammad Bin Ali Al-Hayazie, meanwhile here is the the bulletin from the Saudi Gazzette, then the individual announcements from the Saudi Press Agency.


King Abdullah rejigs Cabinet; Al-Hayazie new health minister

Last updated: Monday, December 08, 2014 6:11 PM

RIYADH – Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah on Monday appointed Muhammad Bin Ali Al-Hayazie as minister of health and Abdul Aziz Al-Khudairy as minister of culture and information. In a major Cabinet reshuffle, the King replaced six ministers and appointed nine new ministers.



0045 Royal Order Relieves Minister of Transport and Assigns Eng. Abdullah Al-Muqbel as Minister of Transport

0044 Royal Order Relieves Minister of Agriculture and Assigns Eng. Walid Al-Khuraiji as Minister of Agriculture

0043 Royal Order Relieves Minister of Social Affairs and Assigns Soliman Al-Humayyd as Minister of Social Affairs

0042 Royal Order Relieves Minister of Communications and Assigns Dr. Fahad Al-Hamad as Minister of Communications

0041 Royal Order Assigns Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Khudairi as Minister of Culture and Information

0040 Royal Order Assigns Dr. Mohammed Al Hiazaa as Minister of Health

0039 Royal Order Relieves Minister of Higher Education and Assigns Dr. Khalid Al-Sabti as Minister of Higher Education

0038 Royal Order Relieves Minister of Islamic Affairs and Assigns Dr. Suleiman Aba Al-Khail as Minister of Islamic Affairs


*** UPDATE ****

This report has now appeared from Middle East Online.


Saudi names new health minister to fight MERS

Hayazaa replaces Rabiah who was dismissed in April as concerns grew over kingdom's handling of MERS.

Middle East Online

RIYADH - King Abdullah named a new health minister Monday to lead the fight against the MERS virus that has cost more than 350 lives in Saudi Arabia, after his predecessor was sacked.

Mohammad bin Ali bin Hayazaa al-Hayazaa replaces Abdullah al-Rabiah who was dismissed in April as concerns grew over the kingdom's handling of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV).

Before Hayazaa's appointment as part of a cabinet reshuffle, Labour Minister Adel Fakieh had been serving as acting health minister.

During the tenure of Fakieh, who promised "transparency" over MERS, the World Health Organisation said a surge in MERS cases had receded but urged continued vigilance.

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I’ll leave it to others more expert in the Saudi Government to speculate on the cause, and likely effects, of these developments.

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