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Zhejiang Reports Another H7N9 Case


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Yesterday we saw a report of a 57 year-old man at at hospital in Jinhua confirmed to have H7N9 (see Zhejiang Province: 1 H7N9 Case Reported), and today we learn of a second case in that province – apparently unrelated – of a 75 year old from Zhoushan.

Zhejiang Province – population 54 million – has reported the most H7N9 cases over the past 22 months, numbering 143.  


How many mild, or asymptomatic cases that may have gone undetected is unknown, but some scientists believe that number to be substantial (see Eurosurveilance Clinical severity of human infections with avian influenza A(H7N9) virus, China, 2013/14). 


Although we only have two waves under out belts, the history with this virus has been a slow trickle of cases in the fall, followed by a much larger outbreak in January-April, which slowly subsides by summer.

This report from Zhejiang Online.  



Yongkang two successive diagnosed two cases of H7N9 patients without association

At 9:45 on December 28, 2014

 Zhejiang Online News December 28 December 26, 27, Yongkang City Government News official microblogging "Yongkang issued" continuous release of the news that there have been two local was diagnosed with H7N9 patients.

25, 57-year-old man stone town Lin Jinhua when a hospital is listed as a suspected H7N9 cases confirmed on the 26th, has been treated in isolation in Jinhua. Have had close contact with its 17 objects have been placed under medical observation, all close contacts at present does not appear suspicious symptoms.

Yesterday afternoon, 75-year-old man Zhoushan town way of a patient was diagnosed with H7N9, 26 patients diagnosed with no direct relevance. 11 in a close contact with the process being carried out under medical observation, is currently in good health.

Provincial health and agriculture experts have to Yongkang guidance. Yongkang Committee secretary Xu Hua water, Mayor Kim Jung announced Yongkang entered the prevention and control of H7N9 status. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the city government has issued a circular, since the 27th, the main city of Yongkang live animal markets permanently closed, and the rest live bird markets a comprehensive suspension of trading, risk assessment, as appropriate, until after a reboot. At the same time, prohibiting exotic live birds enter the City, local live poultry quarantine after passing can kill white listing. (City Express)  

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