Friday, January 16, 2015

Egyptian Media: 13th, 14th & 15th H5N1 Case Of 2015




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The Egyptian Ministry of Health’s website doesn’t show an update yet, but multiple media sources are reporting that the MOH has announced the 14th & 15th H5N1 case of 2015. 


The last MOH announcement was on Wednesday, when the count for the year stood at 12 cases (3 recovered, 7 cases under treatment, two deaths).


Last night several Arabic media outlets carried this report on the 13th case:


Health: the high numbers of people with bird flu to 13 since the beginning of 2015

Thursday, January 15, 2015 - 22:48

Ministry of Health announced the case of HIV infection N5H1 "bird flu" of Deir Mawas - Minya Governorate of a child at the age of 7 years.

The victim is a child suffering from "fever - sore throat - cough," with the history of exposure to birds, and general condition medium.

It is worth mentioning that bringing the total number of cases of bird flu during 2015 so far 13 cases of them. "3 healing 0.8 under treatment, 0.2 and death."

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This afternoon, multiple media outlets are carrying the following report on cases #14 & #15.


Health: avian flu infections rises to 15 in 2015

Riham said Health Ministry

The Ministry of health and population of infection cases confirming H5N1 avian influenza today.

In a statement, noted that the first case of a 27-year-old from Menofia Governorate, and is still under treatment in hospital fevers Shibin el Kom, the second case of woman, 43 years old, and died in a hospital, Assiut.

The total incidence of bird flu  during 2015 so far 15 cases, 6 cases of healing 0.6 cases under treatment, and 3 cases of death, and cases of affected provinces: Eastern – Western Minya-kalioubia-aalbhairh-Cairo-Aswan, Asyut menoufia.

And calls upon the Ministry of health and population of citizens who handle poultry to go immediately to the nearest hospital to receive health service if they have flu symptoms, where the infected bird flu drug Tamiflu within the first 24 hours of the onset of symptoms increases the healing rates of disease and reduces the mortality and Health Ministry advised people who deal with poultry to be careful and prudent when dealing with birds that show symptoms of the disease and the need to take preventive action to prevent infection such as covering the mouth And nose when handling poultry, wash hands with SOAP and water after handling birds and children not accompany poultry or slaughter premises as well as the need to separate from living birds.



While not yet posted on the MOH site (and being a Friday night, it may not show up for several days), Egyptian press reports quoting the Ministry of Health on new cases over the past few months have proved pretty reliable. 


When an official statement appears, I’ll update this post.

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