Friday, January 16, 2015

Jiangxi Reports 1 H7N9 Case


Jiangxi Province – Credit Wikipedia


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As noted previously, we don’t seem to be getting the kind of proactive reporting on H7N9 cases out of China this year that we saw during the first two epidemic waves.  Some cases are not announced until days or even weeks after the fact (see Jiangsu Province’s Uncertain H7N9 Count), and often without the kind of detail we’ve seen in the past.

While some reports filter through the Chinese media, without identifying information (age, gender, onset date, etc.), it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track and to weed out duplicate reports. 


While we know that even the best surveillance and reporting systems won’t catch all of the cases, if the current reporting situation remains unchanged, this year’s picture of China’s H7N9 wave may be `fuzzier’ than usual. 


That said, Jiangxi is reporting a new case today. 


Jiangxi confirmed one case of H7N9 cases

Health and Family Planning Commission of Jiangxi 2015 年 1 月 16 MVP: Commission Emergency Management Office    

Health and Family Planning Commission of Jiangxi Province January 16 briefing, Jiangxi diagnosed one case of H7N9 cases. Currently, patients in critical condition, was Ganzhou a hospital.

Blue patients, male, 34 years old, live in Ganzhou Anyuan County. January 15, Jiangxi Province Center for Disease Control and Prevention Ganzhou patient specimens are sent for review were identified as positive for H7N9 virus nucleic acid. Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission expert group on the basis of clinical manifestations, laboratory and epidemiological findings, such as the diagnosis of the patient for H7N9 cases.


There media reports suggest there are others, including a recent case in Fujian Province, so far I’ve found no official statements.   Hopefully Hong Kong’s CHP, or the World Health Organization will produce some detailed listings.

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