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H5N2: 8 More H5N2 Farms In Minnesota, 3 More In Wisconsin


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Updates on HPAI H5 outbreaks in the Midwest since Friday night are starting to filter in, with Minnesota reporting 8 more farms, and 3 more counties, affected.   Wisconsin reported a single farm yesterday (see here), and reports two more today, bringing their total to 10 farms, encompassing roughly 1.6 million birds.


First this update from the Minnesota Board of Animal Health.



Daily Update on Avian Influenza - May 4

​ ST PAUL — The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Homeland Security and Emergency Management  Division (HSEM) activated the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) to coordinate the state’s ongoing response to avian influenza. HSEM will coordinate resource needs with several state agencies including the Minnesota Board of Animal Health and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

Additional HPAI cases in Minnesota
The Minnesota Board of Animal Health today announced eight presumptive positive flocks. The following Minnesota counties are affected:

  • Renville – 1st detection in county (12,900 turkeys)
  • Nicollet – 1st detection in county (1,102,900 chickens) 
  • Kandiyohi – 27th (89,200 turkeys), 28th (barns are being cleaned and disinfected due to exposure to potentially-infected birds) and 29th (11,200 turkeys) detections
  • Pipestone – 2nd detection (72,200 turkeys)
  • Swift – 4th (46,200 turkeys) and 5th (turkeys, flock size information coming soon) detections

Current Situation
Total number of affected farms – 80
Total number of counties – 21


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Wisconsin’s update follows:


DATCP announces 3rd Jefferson County and 5th Barron County avian influenza detections

May 4

DATCP announces 3rd Jefferson County and 5th Barron County avian influenza detections (PDF)

Media Contacts:       Raechelle Cline, 608-224-5005 or Jim Dick, Communications Director, 608-224-5020

MADISON, Wisc.— H5 avian influenza has been detected on two more farms in Barron and Jefferson counties, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection announced today. Wisconsin now has 10 total cases.  While lethal to domestic poultry, the strain of virus detected is not known to have caused disease in humans and is not expected to pose a risk to public health or the food supply.

Details of the two new detections are as follows:

  • Barron—14,600 breeding turkeys (commercial)
  • Jefferson—127,970 chickens (commercial)

As with past detections, each property was immediately quarantined and neighboring properties with poultry will be notified about the situation.  Remaining birds will be depopulated and will not enter the food supply.  Following USDA protocols, surveillance and testing procedures will take place at properties near the affected facility to ensure the virus has not spread.

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We will probably get an update from Iowa, and possibly North or South Dakota later today.


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