Sunday, September 13, 2015

Saudi Arabia: Medina Reports 4th HCW With MERS





Despite the busy map above, only one new MERS case is reported today from the Saudi MOH, and it is the 6th MERS case from Medina (Al Madinah) in less than a week, and the 4th to be identified as a Health Care Worker.

The source of the Medina outbreak remains unclear, as all of the cases announced to date have been listed as being a `contact’ of a confirmed or suspected case.


The MOH also announced the recoveries of a 13 patients, most part of the Riyadh’s major outbreak of August and into September.




Although the recent drop in cases in Riyadh is a hopeful sign, it should be noted that the Saudi MOH doesn’t always report cases immediately - and the incubation period for the virus can run up to 15 days - so it would be premature to assume that outbreak is fully contained.

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