Thursday, October 29, 2015

Korea Expands Investigation Into Respiratory Outbreak


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We are starting to see more media reports in the wake of the announcement today by the Korean CDC that they are investigation 31 pneumonia cases linked to a university animal research center. 

This one, from the Korea Herald, indicates that the CDC is closely monitoring as many as 850 people who may have been exposed, and is urging anyone with ties to the facility and with symptoms to report them to the CDC immediately.

At this time, most common human and zoonotic infection have been tested for, and tentatively ruled out.  Some tests may need to be repeated, however.   For now, the cause remains a mystery.


A hat tip to Pathfinder on FluTrackers for posting this link.



South Korea on alert as 31 hit by mystery illness

Published : 2015-10-29 18:51
Updated : 2015-10-29 19:19

Health authorities stepped up monitoring Thursday on students and faculty at Konkuk University in Seoul after an unconfirmed virus infected a total of 31 people and a school building was shut down.

Ten more were confirmed to be suffering from similar symptoms on the same day, after 21 had shown symptoms of high fever and coughing since last week.

The government said it is closely monitoring over 850 students and lecturers who have been using the College of Animal Bioscience and Technology building in northeastern Seoul, to check if more have been infected.

All the 31 patients are from three laboratories in the university building. Of the patients, 23 were placed in isolation at state-run facilities, while eight others were quarantined at home, with the government still trying to find the cause of the infection.

The university also put up posters around campus asking those who visited the bioscience building from Oct. 8-28 and who are showing suspicious symptoms to report to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

SK Group, which used the building Sunday for a test for job applicants, said it would contact the candidates to notify them of the possible infection. The company refused to reveal the number of people who took the exam in the building.

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