Saturday, June 18, 2016

Saudi MOH: 6 More MERS Cases


The Saudi MOH reports 5 more asymptomatic MERS cases linked to Riyadh's King Khalid Hospital, bringing that cluster's 3-day total to 18 asymptomatic cases (11 HCWs, 9 Patients) and 2 symptomatic cases (1 HCW, 1 Patient).

For a discussion of the implications of mild or asymptomatic infections, you may wish to revisit the last two day's reports (Saudi MERS-CoV Outbreak Expands: 11 New Cases  and  KSA Reports Cluster Of 5 Asymptomatic MERS-CoV Cases In Riyadh).
 The MOH also reports a single critical primary case (M,82) in Najran, very near the Yemen Border.

For a look at an earlier, very large nosocomial summer outbreak in Riyadh, you may with to revisit:

MMWR: A Large Nosocomial Outbreak Of MERS In Riyadh - Summer 2015

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