Thursday, November 17, 2016

Japan: Akita Omoriyama Zoo Culling Birds After 2nd Bird Death Positive For AI


We still have no word on the subtype of either of the two suspected avian flu samples collected two days ago (see Media: Japan Testing Dead Birds In Hokkaido & Akita Prefectures), however, we have an update from Japan's Ministry of the Environment indicating a second bird has died and tested positive at the Akita Zoo, and a media report stating a cull has been ordered. 

About avian influenza test status etc. on dead birds kept in Akita city, Akita prefecture
On November 17, we conducted a brief examination of Avian influenza A virus in a bird kept under death in a zoo in Akita-shi, Akita prefecture, and a positive reaction came out. Individuals who died this time were raised at the same facility as individuals who died at the same place on November 15 and had a positive response in the simple examination.

Confirmation test of highly pathogenic avian influenza is planned at Hokkaido University. It takes about 1 week for the confirmed inspection. As a result of the examination, it may become negative.

From November 15, we designated wildlife monitoring priority area within 10 km around the corpse confirmation point, and we are strengthening the wild bird's surveillance. As a result of confirmed examination, monitoring will be lifted if highly pathogenic avian influenza virus is not detected.

* At this time, the positive was confirmed by simple examination, the disease is undetermined, occurrence of highly pathogenic avian influenza has not been confirmed.

※ As a result of confirmed examination, it may become negative.

The following (translated) media report comes from

Akita zoo for birds 132 birds disposal bird flu to prevent the spread

Akita Omoriyama Zoo (city Hamada) is 17 days, received that the avian influenza-positive reaction of two wind up in a simple test from the black swan that died in the breeding came out, killing the 132 birds birds of the park in order to prevent the spread of damage It announced that it had disposed of.

 2 birds of positive carry out a definitive examination in Hokkaido, but it takes about a week until the result comes out. For one bird died on the 17th morning had caused the symptoms seen in bird flu, it decided to slaughter without waiting for the confirmation.

 The subject of the disposal, and the black swan 1 birds that were raised in the same cabin with 2 birds, in addition to the whooper one bird next to the hut, high chicken and chicks at risk of infection, such as pheasant. At the time of 17 days evening, abnormalities in other than the two birds of the positive that they are not fo

Normally we'd anticipate either H5N1 or H5N8 in this part of the world, but recent reports of HPAI H5N6 appearing in South Korea for the very first time (see FAO Notification Of HPAI H5N6 In South Korea) add yet another possibility.

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