Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Saudi Arabia: Daily MEWA H5N8 Update (Jan 2nd)


The Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture (MEWA) provides us with another progress report (Jan 2nd) on their H5N8 surveillance and containment efforts, adding 1 more outbreak in Al-Ahsa. 
Despite the translation, Al-Ahsa is the largest governorate in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province. 
What will be interesting to see is a follow up epidemiological investigation of how H5N8 ended up in so many locations more or less simultaneously.  If there are epidemiological links between infected farms, then just a few jumps from from wild birds to poultry could have sparked a larger geographic spread of the virus.

Recording a new one avian influenza (H5N8) in Al-Ahsa province

- The number of samples that arrived at the laboratory veterinary diagnostics in Riyadh to this day (2092) sample since the beginning of Alandlaah, and collected samples based on the reports of citizens, and procedures for the survey and investigation in the vicinity of the affected areas, as well as non-infected areas for early detection of any possible injury.

- The number of influenza infections high pathogenic avian (H5N8) among birds during the last twenty-four hours in the Kingdom and one injured in the traditional breeding monsters in Al-Ahsa province.

- continue to field teams in the provinces of Riyadh and Al-Kharj and Dhurma and Almzahmip safe disposal of birds and disinfection and prevention measures in (4) projects, and being fully implement the contingency plan in those sites and disinfect the affected areas.

- also field teams ended the governorate Thadeq safe disposal of the birds in the backyard traditional breeding and complete disinfection procedures and prevention and implementation of the emergency plan in the vicinity of the focus of action.

- continue to field teams in Al-Ahsa province safe disposal of infected birds in a number of new infections in Alohawwac areas and the vicinity of the areas that have been discovered where the infection procedures, and the implementation and completion of the emergency plan in those sites and disinfect the affected areas.

- also it continued to field teams in the Qassim region epidemiological investigation and disposal of health and cleansing in the farms and rest houses located in the vicinity of the area where the infection is detected and previously announced actions.

- The number of communications received amounted to the emergency room during the twenty-four past hours (8) reports were brought in all, while arrived in the emergency room (39) inquiries, thus bringing the total communications and inquiries since the beginning of the outbreak of the disease (810) communication and inquiry.

- The number of rounds of epidemiological investigation and guidance of veterinary disease was high pathogenic avian influenza (H5N8) during the last twenty-four hours (25) awareness tour of the markets and communities in all regions of the Kingdom

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