Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Return Of Scott McPherson


One of the OG's (original gangsters) of Flublogia, and sorely missed for the past few years, is Scott McPherson whose blog wound down in 2013 and finally ground to a halt in 2014.  He, along with Crof, Revere at Effect Measure, and myself were the primary flu-centric bloggers from about 2005-2006 onward.
I'm therefore please to announce that Scott just contacted me, and he has posted a new blog, with promises of more to come. 
I hope so.  Scott is a talented (if slightly irreverent) writer, who is well plugged into Florida state government, knows his way around pandemic flu preparedness, and can add a lot to  the conversation. 
I've added his blog back into my sidebar, so you'll see when he posts new material.
Scott and I spend two madcap days together as presenters at a CIDRAP Pandemic H1N1 conference in 2009, which is sadly our only in-person meetup so far.  Hopefully we can rectify that glaring deficit at some point.

For now, I'm delighted to refer you to his latest post, which astutely looks at the supply chain failures during our current flu season.

US Health Care Earns an "F" for poor flu supply chain practices

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