Sunday, March 18, 2018

H5 Avian Flu Resurfaces At 3 Poultry Farms In South Korea


Avian flu activity this winter has been remarkably subdued in places - like China and South Korea - where in recent years it has flourished.  Remarkably China has only reported three H7N9 cases, and 1 H5N6 case since October. 
Some of this is likely due to China's massive H7+H5 vaccination campaign launched last summer, and the extremely strict bio-security measures taken in South Korea prior to their hosting the Winter Olympics in February.
But part of it is likely due to a newly reassorted H5N6 virus arriving in South Korea this winter - similar to the one now in Europe - which, so far at least - hasn't proven to be as virulent as last year's strain.

In recent weeks - possibly due to the spring northbound bird migration -  we've started to see renewed activity across Europe (see here, here, and here), in Japan (here), and today we learn that at least three large farms in South Korea have been hit in South Korea.
According to the Korean Times (see Bird Flu confirmed at farms in Gyeonggi and South Chungcheong) more than 1.2 million birds have been culled this weekend in affected and surrounding farms and a nationwide 48 hour transport ban on all domestic poultry was ordered on Saturday.
A couple of admittedly syntax-challenged (translated) press releases from South Korea's Ministry of Agriculture (MAFRA) follow:

Pyeongtaek game hens (chickens) AI issued a global economic decision-temporarily move the stop command of the shaft occurs (3.16, deployment)

2018.03.16 23:55:37

Pyeongtaek game hens ( chickens ) AI of the shaft occurs doctor

Match triggered a global temporary stop command to move

- 3 Mon 17 days 00 am to 24 stops moving for a time in Japan and disinfection carried out -

Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Food is 3.16 ( Fri ) Match Pyeongtaek material laying hens ( chickens ) farms in AI inspection results according to the physician shaft occurs H5 antigen , in the same farm minute yangdoen economic Yangzhou material laying hens ( chickens ) Simple inspection of the farms results confirm the positive as , before the game stations temporarily for the stop moving the command was issued .

❍ The date and time that the move 3 0.16 ( Fri ) held Livestock Defense Council ( written hearing ) Based on the results 3.17 ( Sat ) 00 am to 3.17 ( Sat ) 24 pm 24 hours during the being carried out ,

❍ temporarily move to stop Applies the national animal quarantine when integrated system (KAHIS) to about registered 10 thousand places - a .

     * Poultry farms 3,960 points , it slaughterhouses 11 positions , feed mills 102 positions , vehicle 6725 Lighthouse

(Continue . . . )

Gyeonggi, Chungnam, etc., and a nationwide (excluding Jeju), and the National Association for the Protection of hygiene and the suspension of the temporary move command
    2018.03.17 19:32:41

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock farming (the lower farming food) is the ' 18.3.16 ', according to a series of four AI pseudo-axes in the Yangzhou, the province and the 18.3.17, the Asan spawning farm in Chungcheongnam-do, has issued an AI blocking hygiene enhancement action and a pause command to stop nationwide (excluding Jeju).

Anyway is a major preventive measures to prevent the removal of the national spawning system in ① (however, it is taken out upon approval in the admission of livestock Hygiene), ② of the Emergency video conference held by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Deputy Secretary of state (', ③ held the national and Municipalities video conference on the adjustment of the Secretary (' 18.3.18 09:00), ④ nationwide (excluding Jeju-do), and a temporary move to stop command.

The Ministry of Agriculture, the whole country (excluding Jeju), the reason for the suspension of the move, the four-axis doctor on a recent spawning farm, and the mechanics of the vehicle visited by the farmers ․, the facility is distributed nationwide, 

(Continue . . . )

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