Sunday, March 31, 2013

More Details Emerge On Shanghai H7N9 Case



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A few more details are beginning to emerge regarding  at least one of the fatal H7N9 cases in Shanghai (see China: Two Deaths From H7N9 Avian Flu).


The two identified cases are an 87-year-old (Li) who fell ill on February 19 and died on March 4, and a 27-year-old (Wu) who fell ill on February 27 and died on March 10.


At the time, two sons in the Li family were also hospitalized with similar symptoms. One died, while the other one recovered. 


FluTrackers  carried the story back on March 8th.


SARS ruled out in death cases

By Cai Wenjun | 2013-3-8
HEALTH authorities have ruled out SARS, bird flu or a new SARS-like virus in the deaths of two people from the same family at Shanghai No. 5 People's Hospital.


The hospital said three members of the Li family had been admitted between February 14 and 24 for symptoms including a high fever and coughing.
All three, aged 55, 69 and 87, were diagnosed as having pneumonia.


Since they were from the same family, the hospital reported the case to the Minhang District Center for Disease Control and Prevention for investigation. The pneumonia diagnosis was confirmed.



Now we learn that the 87 year-old in the above story is one of the two men that have tested positive for H7N9 in Shanghai.


While suspicious, there are no confirmatory lab tests on the other family members, so they are not currently considered as part of this cluster.


This from the Shanghai Daily.


New bird flu strain kills 2 patients in Shanghai

By Cai Wenjun 

TWO men suffering from a lesser-known type of bird flu have died in Shanghai and a woman in eastern Anhui Province is in a critical condition, health authorities said yesterday.

The three cases of H7N9 avian influenza infection are the first time the virus has been detected in humans, the National Health and Family Planning Commission said yesterday.


The 87-year-old's two sons have gone to hospital with similar symptoms.


According to Shanghai No. 5 People's Hospital, the three members of the Li family were admitted between February 14 and 24 for symptoms including a high fever and coughing.


All three were diagnosed as having pneumonia.


The 69-year-old son recovered and was discharged but the 55-year-old died from severe pneumonia and respiratory failure in late February. The father died of multi-organ failure.


Neither son had the H7N9 virus, the bureau said.

It has ordered local hospitals to step up monitoring and supervision on cases involving flu, pneumonia and other respiratory diseases.


Experts say there is no evidence to indicate the virus is spreading but patients with symptoms such as fever, coughing and breathing difficulties are being urged to visit their doctors, ensure good hygiene, such as by washing their hands, and avoid contact with diseased poultry and livestock.