Friday, April 11, 2014

Saudi MOH Announces 3 New MERS Cases (1 Fatal)


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While I was away from my desk for an hour the Saudi MOH posted an update (at midnight their time) describing three additional cases in Jeddah (see Saudi MOH Announces 3 More MERS-CoV Cases In Jeddah and Saudi MOH Statement On Jeddah Cluster for earlier reports on this cluster).

In addition to seeing more mild or asymptomatic infections being reported, in recent weeks we have also seen a younger cohort of patients than we’ve seen in the past, with many cases being in their twenties or thirties.



Health: 3 cases of HIV (SK) new in Jeddah


Within the framework of epidemiological investigation and ongoing follow-up by the Ministry of health for virus "SK" causes AIDS Middle East MERS CoV respiratory Ministry announces the registration of three cases of the virus in Jeddah.

The first resident at the age of 45, have passed away may he rest in peace.

And the second resident working in the health field 28 years old and do not have symptoms.

And the third to citizen works for health 25 years old and had no symptoms.