Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Germany Reports H5N8 Again In Wild Mallards


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Although it has been nearly 3 weeks since the last report of H5N8 in Germany’s poultry population (see Germany: 2nd H5N8 Outbreak In Lower Saxony), surveillance is still ongoing across much of Europe – both in commercial flocks and in wild birds.  


Today German authorities in the District of Stendal in  Saxony-Anhalt announced the detection of H5N8 in two mallards shot by hunters on New Year’s Eve.


The sudden expansion of the range of HPAI H5N8 via wild and migratory birds has become a big story these past couple of months, with this recently emerged virus spreading from Korea to China, Japan, Russia, and Europe – and recently turning up in North America as well (see Avian Flu Suspected In 2nd Washington State Backyard Flock).


This report from MDR Sachsen-Anhalt


H5N8 confirmed in mallards New bird flu case in Saxony-Anhalt

In the district of Stendal the highly contagious bird flu virus H5N8 has been detected in two mallards. This was announced by the District Office Stendal on Wednesday afternoon. The reference laboratory for avian influenza, the Friedrich Loeffler Institute on Riems, pointed at the already 31 December 2014 shot in hunting district of Great Schwechten animals, the infection after. In the vicinity are now immediately Clinical and virological investigations carried out in poultry. The results to be expected in the next week. The county stressed that the stable duty would continue to be made.

Last December, the initial virus was detected at a dead mallard in Aken. An influenza type H5N8 was detected since November in Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Italy both in domestic poultry and wild birds.


Detected avian influenza in mallard ducks

In Saxony-Anhalt, a new case of bird flu has been confirmed. Two hunters shot on New Year's Eve at major Schwechten the wild ducks. Now, more animals are examined.

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