Monday, November 30, 2015

FRANCE: MOA Reports Two Additional Avian Influenza Outbreaks


Location Dordogne  - Credit DEFRA



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A week after reporting their first case of H5N1 in eight years in a backyard poultry flock, the French Ministry of Agriculture today has announced two more outbreaks of avian influenza in the same region.


It is not entirely clear if today’s announcements are for H5N1, or some other subtype.


Although no specifics were offered regarding strain/subtype being reported today, last week a report from DEFRA: France’s HPAI H5N1 Another Mutated LPAI Strain indicated the H5N1 strain in the first outbreak was not the classic Eurasian H5N1 which emerged in 2003, but a recently mutated strain.

The following press release was released late today by France’s Ministry of Agriculture.



Ministry of Agriculture, of agri-food and forest

Press contacts

Paris, November 30, 2015


Two new cases of Avian Influenza detected in Dordogne

Following the detection of the first case of avian influenza in a farmyard on 24 November, the national emergency  response plan has been activated immediately, in accordance with the European regulations and International.

Among the actions deployed without delay, the Direction départementale de protection populations of Dordogne has set up protection zones and supervision strengthened around the barnyard. In addition, active surveillance extended has been implemented in the farms which are the subject of a monitoring annual with regard to Avian Influenza virus. Samples were made at various farms in Dordogne, despite the absence of mortality or clinical signs.

The results of these samples revealed the presence of Influenza strains Avian pathogenic to poultry at two farms. Them detailed sequencing is being carried out by the handles.

To protect and to limit the spread of the disease to more farms sensitive species, the services of the Ministry of  agriculture proceed currently for the slaughter of all the animals of the farms concerned and have decided the implementation of biosecurity measures in the entire Department.

Furthermore, it should be recalled that avian influenza is not transferable to human consumption of meat, eggs, fatty liver and more generally any food.

The mobilization of the State services is total alongside professionals for limiting the spread and consequences of the  disease, particularly in export.