Thursday, December 06, 2018

China MOA: ASF Reported Again In Shanxi Province


Shanxi province, which reported their first ASF outbreak in mid-October, reported their last (3rd) outbreak more than a month ago. Today, that quiescent streak has ended with a fresh report from Linyi City.

The detection of African swine fever in the Yaodu District of Linyi City, Shanxi Province
Date: 2018-12-06 14:12 Author: Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Press Office 

The Information Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs was released on December 6th. The Yaodu District of Linyi City, Shanxi Province, detected the African swine fever epidemic.

At 10:00 on December 6, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas received a report from the China Animal Disease Prevention and Control Center and was diagnosed by the China Center for Animal Health and Epidemiology (National Center for Animal Disease Research), and a farmer in Yandu District, Linyi City, Shanxi Province. 

Outbreak of African swine fever. Up to now, the farmer has 91 pigs, 45 sickness and 35 deaths.

Immediately after the outbreak, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs sent a steering group to the local area. The local government has started the emergency response mechanism as required, and adopted measures such as blockade, culling, harmless treatment, disinfection, etc., to treat all the sick and culled pigs harmlessly. At the same time, all pigs and their products are prohibited from being transferred out of the blockade, and pigs are prohibited from being transported into the blockade. At present, the above measures have been implemented.

Shanxi is the 7th Province to report outbreaks of ASF in the month of December, while 21 of 34 provincial-level administrative units (i.e. provinces, municipal cities, Autonomous regions, & SARs) have reported outbreaks since Aug. 1st.

While a relatively recent arrival to China, Eastern Europe and Russia have been battling this devastating disease of pigs for roughly a decade with little success (see DEFRA map below), and there are concerns over its further spread around the globe.

Although ASF has never been reported in North America, the potential exists for its importation from China, Europe, or Africa. The USDA has released a new African Swine Fever Factsheet that discusses their preparations for a possible introduction of the virus into this country.

Keeping ASF Out

Because of the concern over ASF, USDA recently reviewed and further strengthened its longstanding stringent protections against the spread of the disease.These include:
  • Collaborating with states, industry and producers to ensure everyone follows on-farm biosecurity and best practices (including for garbage feeding in states where that is allowed);
  • Restricting imports of pork and pork products from affected countries; and
  • Working with CBP staff at ports of entry to increase passenger and baggage screening for prohibited products from affected countries.

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