Friday, February 08, 2019

Saudi MOH Announces 7 More MERS Cases In Wadi Aldwasir

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The Saudi MOH announced 7 more secondary, hospital-acquired MERS cases in Wadi Aldwasir, bringing the number of cases reported since Sunday (Epi Week 6) to 24
To put that into some kind  perspective, the number of cases reported over the past 6 days already equals or exceeds any KSA monthly total during 2018.
Of the 7 new hospital-acquired infections, 5 are listed as being in home isolation, which usually indicates an asymptomatic, or possibly mildly symptomatic, contact of a known case who has tested positive for the virus.

But, as we saw last Tuesday, cases placed in home isolation are sometimes later moved to a hospital as their situation changes. Although it isn't stated, it seems likely - based on their ages - that a number of these hospital-acquired cases are among health care workers.

In addition to two other patients described as having recent camel contact - the MOH has reported 3 different clusters of cases in Wadi Aldwasir.
  • 5 cases have been listed as secondary, household contacts
  • 2 cases have been listed as secondary, community-acquired
  • 13 cases have been listed as secondary, healthcare-acquired.
Since the start of 2019, Saudi Arabia has reported 40 MERS cases, which includes 7 clusters (household, healthcare, and community). Oman has reported 5 cases.

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