Saturday, September 14, 2019

Japan MAFF: Farm Outbreaks Of CSF Expand To 6th Prefecture (Nagano)


For a second day in a row (see yesterday's blog) a new Japanese Prefecture is reporting their first farm outbreak of Classical Swine Fever; today it's Nagano, which is the 6th Prefecture struck since the virus re-emerged a year ago after an absence of 26 years.  
This is the 42nd farm outbreak reported, although more than 900 wild boar have been found to be positive across at least 7 Prefectures.  The last OIE update (#34) was a month ago, and so those numbers will be changing.
Today's (translated) report from Japan's Ministry of Agriculture reads:
Confirmation of affected animals of swine fever in Nagano Prefecture, about (42 case was in Japan)

Ryowa first year September 14,
the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Today, pig cholera affected animal has been identified in Nagano Prefecture Livestock Experiment Station in Nagano Prefecture Shiojiri, which has been monitored is within 10km from the wild boar positive confirmation point.
We are taken all possible measures for the quarantine measures for the disease.
Interview in the field, thank you for your cooperation as strictly refrain from such that there is a risk that cause the spread of the disease.
1. generation facility Overview of

Location: Nagano Prefecture Shiojiri
breeding situation: 351 head
2. Background

(1) Nagano Prefecture, September 12 (Thursday), from Nagano Prefecture Livestock Experiment Station, received a report of a breeding pig has exhibited abnormal, we conducted a site inspection by animal health inspectors.
(2) September 13 (Friday), where for the suspicion of swine fever is caused by the inspection at the Livestock Hygiene Service Center, sent the material to Noken mechanism Animal Health Research Institute (Note), was carried out a genetic analysis, today (September 14, Saturday), was found to be an affected animal of swine fever.

(Note) specialized research institutions on the only animal health in Japan
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For the first 10 months of this year-long outbreak, only two prefectures reported farm outbreaks (Gifu & Aichi).  In less than 60 days we've seen farm outbreaks expand to 4 new prefectures; Mie, Fukui, Saitama, and Nagano.

While CSF doesn't pose a human health hazard, it - very much like African Swine Fever (ASF) - can be devastating to the pork industry.