Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Iran: MOH Announces 44 New COVID-19 Cases (n=139)


With the caveat that we looked at models and estimates in my last blog that strongly suggest that Iran's COVID-19 epidemic is many times greater than is being officially reported, we have the latest `official' statement from the Iranian MOH.
They announce 44 new cases (n=139), and an additional 4 deaths (n=19). 
Once again, the ratio of deaths to reported cases is several times higher than we've seen anywhere else in the world, with nearly 14% of Iran's cases proving fatal in the first week of reporting. 

This not only suggests the epidemic has been ongoing in Iran for several weeks, but it also calls into question how many mild and moderate cases are going uncounted.

Director of public Relations and Information Center of the Ministry of Health announced:
Identification of 44 new cases of the definitive in the country
The Director of public Relations and Information Center of the Ministry of Health said yesterday until today, according to the results of the laboratory, 44 the new case was identified in the country and the number of patients with the disease in the country was 139.
According to the WEBDA, Dr. Kianoosh Jahanpour at the news meeting of the Committee on the Public Relations Office of the Ministry of Health stated: From the new patients to the KVIDN 19, the number 15 people in Qom, 9 of Gilan, 4 related to Tehran, three of them related to Khuzestan, the two people in Sistan and Baluchestan, 2 people related to Kohgiluyeh and Boyerahmad, two people in Fars, a central person, a person related to Kermanshah, a person related to Ardebil, a person related to Mazandaran, a person related to Lorestan, were one of the Hormozgan and one person related to Semnan.
He stressed: Over the past 24 hours, unfortunately, four of the patients had lost their lives and the total number of victims in these conditions reached 19 people.
The spokesperson for the prevention and counter-virus center of the press was noted: There are currently 7 diagnostic laboratories in the case of lab tests (KVID19) in the country, which will reach 22 laboratories until the next week.
He continued: Today, the national headquarters for management and counter-virus will discuss the continuation of the closure of universities or their inclusion, closures and schools, the continuation of the closure of the cinemas, gathering centers, tourism and pilgrimage camps and sports competitions and the legislation of this meeting is communicated with the signature of the Minister of Health as the head of the staff.
Dr. Jahanpour pointed out: our emphasis is to avoid travel and in particular to the destination or from the origin of Qom and Gilan provinces and our recommendation limits traffic, limiting unnecessary urban and intercity trips. Nowhere is it safer than the homes and cities of our compatriots, and travel and traffic are problematic for individuals, their families, and their relatives.
The head of public Relations and Information Center of the Ministry of Health emphasized: in some provinces, it takes place for screening and unfortunately unnecessary trips is one of the most important problems in dealing with the anti-virus (KVID19) in the country. Our recommendation is to minimize the amount of your travels and travel and delay of unnecessary trips./206