Thursday, February 27, 2020

Japan MOH: 23 New Domestic COVID-19 Cases - 1 Additional Death


Japan continues to report increasing numbers of domestic COVID-19 cases, prompting a decision announced overnight to close all of Japan's schools until early April.   Today, the MOH reports another 23 cases - with the bulk of them from Hokkaido - along with the 4th fatality.

The total number of domestic (excluding Diamond Princess) cases that have tested positive is 210, with 19 reported as `asymptomatic', and 190 symptomatic cases.

Outbreaks of patients related to novel coronavirus (168-190 cases)

Today (February 27), 23 patients with this new type of coronavirus-related infectious disease are reported from Gifu, Ishikawa, Kanagawa, Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido and Nagoya as follows. I will report it.
With this announcement, 210 people (191 patients and 19 asymptomatic pathogen carriers) have been infected in Japan, including one patient (191st case) of the Yokohama Quarantine Station staff.
Regarding this matter, we will carry out proactive epidemiological investigations, including the identification of close contacts.
  • Gifu Prefecture: Patients 2 cases 168 cases: Males in their 50s, 169 cases: Females in their 50s
  • Ishikawa Prefecture: 1 patient (170 cases: Males in their 50s)
  • Kanagawa Prefecture: 1 patient (171 cases) : Male in their 50s)
  • Tokyo: 1 patient (172 cases: female in their 60s)
  • Osaka: 1 patient (173 cases: male in their 40s)
  • Hokkaido: 15 patients (174: male in their 50s, 175: male in their 50s, 176: male in their 30s, 177: male in their 70s, 178: male in their 60s, 179: Male in their 40s, 180: Male in their 40s, 181: Male under 10 years, 182: Male in their 30s, 183: Male under 10 years, 184: Male in their 80s, 185: Men in their 30s, 186: Men in their 80s, 187: Men in their 60s, 188: Women in their 40s)
  • Nagoya: 2 patients (189: Women in their 60s, 190: Men in their 60s) )
Below, information from Gifu, Ishikawa, Kanagawa, Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido, and Nagoya.
* If the contents of the documents published by local governments do not conform to the publication standards of the Ministry, The announcement is made in accordance with the publication standard.
Gifu Prefecture 1 , Gifu Prefecture 2
Ishikawa Prefecture
Kanagawa Prefecture
Osaka Prefecture
Hokkaido 1 , Hokkaido 2

Details on Japan's 4th fatality follow:

About death of patient associated with new coronavirus
Today (February 27), Hokkaido reported a fatal case related to this new type of coronavirus. I pray for the soul of the deceased.
Information will be provided only to the extent that the consent of the bereaved family regarding the presentation has been obtained. When reporting, please give due consideration to the privacy of the deceased and the bereaved.
We will carry out proactive epidemiological investigations on this matter, including the identification of close contacts.

Summary (4th domestic death)
(1) Age: 80s (99th domestic death )
(2) Gender: Male
(3) Place of residence: Hokkaido
(4) Cause of death: Under confirmation
(5) Elapsed

  • February 3 Bitter. Hospitalized at medical institution A in Hokkaido.
  • February 22 PCR test positive. Hospitalized at medical institution B in Hokkaido. The condition was stable, but gradually worsened after hospitalization.
  • February 27 Dawn Confirmed death.
(6) Action history: No travel history. Details are currently under investigation.